Terms of Sales
Terms and Conditions of Sale of Beijing Wish Seeds Co., Ltd.
Minimum Order
$100.00 Total Invoice.
Orders of less than 50 kg, per variety may be subject to a surcharge of up to 35% above the standard wholesale price.
All prices are ex-works Beijing, China
Documents and shipping fees charged at cost.
Standard Packing
Pack with picture: 1000seed, 10g, 50g  $0.2 each
Bags: 25kg. Poly-Bags - $1.00 each
Cans: 100 or 500 grams $2.00 each
Seed Treatment Available $0.20 / kg
(Minimum charge for treatment $50.00)
Ordering and Delivery:
If the quantity ordered in any order differs from the standard quantity applied by the Seller or a multiple thereof, the Seller is free to delivery the next highest quantity.
The Seller will always act the best of his ability in fulfilling his obligation to delivery.
The Seller undertakes to deliver within a period, in accordance with the sowing or planting season following the conclusion of the purchase agreement.
For orders with a value of less than $100,the Seller reserves the right to charge an administrative and order handing fee.
The buyer must specify in writing, upon placing orders, what specifications and documents are required pursuant to the regulations of country in which the delivery is made, such as those relating to:
  • Invoice;
  • Phytosanitary requirement;
  • International Contract;
  • Other import documents or import statements
Failure to do so correctly will not render the Seller liable to damages if the order is delayed or not executed.
Terms of Payment :
T/T advance.
Notice to Buyer:
We warrant that seeds sold have been labeled as required under state seed laws and that they conform to the label description. We make no other or further warranty, expressed or implied.
No liability hereunder shall be asserted unless the buyer or user reports to the warrantor within a reasonable period after discovery (not to exceed 30 days) any conditions that might lead to a complaint. Our liability on this warranty is limited in amount to the purchase price of the seeds.
Notice: Applicable Law.
All agreements between the Seller and the buyer are governed by the law of China, where the Seller has his registered office.
If the Seller and the buyer do not have their registered office in the same country, The Rule of ISF will also apply, in so far as it does not differ from these Terms and Conditions of Sale.
In case of doubt about the interpretation of the next of these terms and conditions, The Chinese version of our terms and condition will prevail.