About Us
Beijing Wish Seeds Co., Ltd. Is a professional vegetable seed company. We have been with an experience for 10 years at selling a wide range variety of vegetable seed .
Our our goal is in the marketing of vegetable seed. We intend to supply high value, quality seeds to our diverse customers.
We are aware of increasing importance of changes in varieties, which are being developed for better quality, adaptability, disease and insect pest resistance. Considerable effort is being made by our modest Research and Development team to select and breed desired varieties suitable for our customers. New varieties will be introduced into market after strict testing. Recently the company has released hybrids of tomato, cucumber, Chinese- Cabbage and radish successfully, developed by our R&D.
In order to achieve our goals, we would like to adopt strategy as follows:
A. Exclusive supply of certain promising varieties to our partners
B. Partners are responsible for the sales, product development, marketing and post sales service in their local market.
C. Importers, leader of domestic seed dealers, breeding companies and private breeders can be our precious partners
Through the above-mentioned partnership strategy, a global network can be built with our partners. This partnership will provide the basis for strong future growth using this network. We are looking for good partners under this partnership system and strategy.

We believe that our product will give our customers more profitable crop and increase your business. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our product.